Financial Advisory Services

Constant changes in the regulatory framework such as the Exchange Control regulations, ‘takeover code’, merging, acquisitions, entity restructuring, etc. have also accelerated this process of corporate finance

Our Finance Advisory services cover:


Our senior partners of the firm provide independent advice to directors, shareholders or management to:

  • Determine the right price to pay or accept for a business, brand.
  • Determine the value of equity to be issued to new shareholders or partners
  • Evaluate and defend an unwelcome and unsolicited takeover bid.

Business planning strategies

A business plan is nothing but a formal statement of the business goals which also considers the relevant resources and constraints and the time frame to achieve these goals. A business plan may be prepared before a business is set up or at the time of expansion or diversification, or while seeking financing or investment. A well-defined business plan lays out a vision of growth and the steps required to reach there. We carefully understand the scenario facing our client and prepare a tailor-made business plan to suit the specific requirements.

Analytics and financial data research:

If you knew what your customers like, what makes them spend more, and when they are happy or unhappy; could you use that information to make more money? The demanding social consumers are demonstrating greater willingness to embrace innovative products, services, channels, and ways of engaging with suppliers and each other.

The challenge is to determine the most effective ways to treat and interact with individual customers. To do this requires a truly customer-centric view that can only be achieved with a well-informed and intelligent understanding of the customer.

VSSM Analytics

Our secondary research and knowledge processing division constantly monitors various industry sectors and prepares updated Indian Industry Profiles. These well researched documents provide an insight into specific industry sectors and are presented in pdf format with attractive graphics and crisp text.

Analytics is an increasingly important tool to drive growth, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency. Our Analytics Practice with required functional knowledge helps clients sustain a competitive edge across strategic business functions.

Happy Tree Consulting cover complete data, information and analysis cycle and provide the best of the value chain and delivers following services to Management, Sourcing, and Operational consulting firms as well as to industry:

  • Business Research
  • Market Research
  • Data Analytics
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