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Corporate Finance Advisory (CFA)

Timely strategic financial advice is the linchpin of all transactions that take place in today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape. We understand this and assist in identifying opportunities for, or risks to, our clients’ interests, which accompany most financial advisory (CFA) engagements.

Our corporate finance professionals enhance value through the delivery of strategic advice and execution services to corporations, financial institutions and public sector companies who seek value-enhancing solutions that complement their growth strategies.

Our Corporate finance advisory services include:       
– Capital raising – Private equity or capital markets
– Strategic & general corporate advice
– Business modelling
– Funding assistance

Business Process Solutions (BPS)

VSSM offers clients the making of its main business activity its priority, through its outsourcing services based on the “Business Process Solution” (BPS) concept. The goal is to assist in all support activities from accounting to the administration of finances and personnel.

BPS Practice strives to make our client’s Outsourcing process as seamless as possible by leveraging solutions that integrate strategy consulting, program management, change management, human capital, tax, real estate, and global sourcing.

We offer the following key services:

  • Financial management & Accounting Outsourcing
  • Accounting process review
  • Preparation of accounting manual

Strategic Cost Management

  • Cost reduction is usually conducted as a reactive, short term activity, not a proactive business philosophy. It is seen as a panacea for external pressures like a recession, stiff competition and dipping sales graphs. Very often, this result in companies compromising the long term strategic advantages they enjoy.
  • Strategic Cost Management (SCM), on the other hand, is the managerial use of cost information explicitly directed at business strategy formulation, implementation and control. The Happy Tree Consulting encompasses all facets of a company’s operations and utilises various management tools for effective SCM framework.

Cash Cycle Optimisation Strategy

Happy Tree’s Cash Optimisation strategy offering assists companies to extract maximum benefit from the operations cycle. It helps companies shorten the cash conversion cycle by understanding the business’ strategic imperatives and specific context, diagnosing the current cycle, and recommending improvements in processes and activities across the value chain. Using simple but powerful diagnostic tools and templates, we help companies streamline their operating cash flows and reduce working capital requirements.

Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Intensifying competition has made pricing an increasingly complex task. The consumers today are more aware than ever of the price they pay for a product and the value it delivers. Therefore companies today can no longer get away with traditional pricing mechanisms. Hence it is imperative that companies, in order to remain competitive, should design and execute innovative pricing strategies based on a thorough understanding of their product’s value proposition and its value as perceived by the consumer.

Operations Expertise and IT Strategy

We help our clients address their imminent needs as well as implement long term vision by drawing upon a combination of packaged software, efficient processes and comprehensive industry knowledge.

V S S M’s IT Strategy & Operations service offering helps business and IT executives make and implement pragmatic decisions that increase the business value of information technology investments while improving their service delivery capabilities. We assist our clients in developing and implementing IT strategy and service delivery operating models; effectively and efficiently managing service demand; and optimizing overall IT costs. In addition, we support our clients in selecting and deploying Accounting applications, designing data and information management strategies, and optimizing infrastructure.

How We Work

We work side-by-side with our clients, combining insights and effort to deliver the most effective solutions and enable our clients’ business strategies. Our teams cross traditional silos, bringing the right combination of capabilities and experience to enable enterprise-wide solutions.

Customer Satisfaction Studies

V S S M assists clients in understanding customer attitudes & perception, market dynamics and monitoring company performance through exhaustive customer satisfaction studies.

Supply Chain Consulting:

We work with our customers to understand and define their strategic sourcing objectives, validate and benchmark critical success parameters.

We also help them develop and deploy vendor qualification and audit process, liaison to identify the right vendors and program manage the sourcing activity.

Specialized Services to Foreign Firms

V S S M offers end to end services, from the initial market analysis and formulation of entry strategy to providing assistance in setting up Indian operations.

V S S M assists clients in developing Market Entry Strategies, conducts Industry Studies, B2B Market Research and Analysis, Feasibility Studies and offers Marketing Advisory Services.

  1. Market Entry Strategy

V S S M offers advisory services for formulating and implementing strategies to expand existing markets and to enter new markets, in India. Our services include:

  • Prepare feasibility studies weighing the pros and cons of undertaking a planned investment/entry into India.
  • Prepare business plan based on local knowledge and experience.
  • Timing and Budgeting.
  • Handling of Regulatory affairs for our clients, including getting all necessary clearances, authorizations, certifications, licenses, etc.
  • Commercial entity establishment.
  • Set up client’s India operations including Incorporation and infrastructure.
  • Recruitment and team building activities.
  • Indian Regulatory Environment

V S S M provides a framework for understanding the Indian Regulatory Environment and the options available for structuring a new venture in India; policies, rules and regulations of the Government of India are presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner. With the support of well established Associates, Happy Tree assists foreign clients in filing applications and obtaining the necessary approvals to commence operations in India.

  1. Feasibility Studies:

We assists clients to critically examine the financial feasibility of their new projects or expansion of existing facilities; and for foreign firms, evaluates the cost of setting up a new operation in India and the viability of business potential.

  1. Location analysis:

We assists foreign clients in strategic evaluation of select locations based on agreed parameters. Parameters for evaluation will be arrived at based on discussions with the client and a scoring system will be designed by V S S M.

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