Assurance & Risk Advisory Services

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 ‘Assurance & Risk Advisory Services (AAS)’ practice can help you deal effectively in managing and mastering risk.

Our Risk Based Advisory Services cover the following:

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Statutory Audits
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Information Risk Management
  1. Business Advisory Services:

VSSM & Co. Business Advisory Services (BAS) assists clients in strategy formulation, product / process feasibility studies, process re-engineering, cost management, operational processes alignment, information systems planning and change enablement.

The practice aims to provide clients with integrated solutions to enhance performance through the synergy of strategy, processes, people, and technology.

Our risk management process assists an organization through all the steps required to define and implement effective risk management policies and procedures. We ensure that our clients understand the issues related to their risks through a continual process of information sharing and skills transfer. The nature of services include:

  • Maximising revenue
  • Creating more business-focused processes
  • Reducing costs and cycle times to deliver services
  • Leveraging new IT capabilities
  1. STATUTORY Audits

We strive to provide good quality audit services to our clients. We have rich experience in conducting statutory audits of private companies, public sector undertakings, banks and trusts. The extensive and intensive nature of our audit processes ensures that we cover all aspects of the books of accounts before providing an audit opinion.

  1. Internal Audit Services

The traditional internal audit model has been transaction-based and cost-driven. Today, internal audit is undergoing significant change. It is now a proactive function and takes a risk-based focus. We assist our clients to effectively manage business risks by providing a full spectrum of corporate governance, risk management, and internal audit services.

VSSM & Co. – Internal Audit Services offer services to enhance corporate governance, manage business risk, re-mapping the processes, provide assurance on control effectiveness, and support you in achieving the organization’s objectives.

Internal Audit Services include:

  • Corporate Governance – Review and Assessment
  • Establishing an Internal Audit Function
  • Accounting Procedures Manual
  • Reconciliation problem resolution

VSSM & Co.  has experience in delivering cost-effective, reconciliation services.  Our services range in scope from a problem diagnostic, its resolution and suggesting an alternate process improvement in business plan to overcome such type of problem in future.

  • Implementation of IndAS / IFRS

IndAS conversion is a strategic issue. Each company needs to develop its own roadmap by considering various factors right from the information technology setup to their risk management objective. We have successfully helped our clients migrate to the IndAS framework ensuring a seamless transition. We have rich in-house expertise in the subject providing us with the capability to help our clients.


The rapid pace of adoption of information technology (IT) has changed the way businesses and economies function the world over. Effective information risk management therefore assumes critical importance and provides competitive advantage. Information Risk Management (IRM) at VSSM & Co. helps you manage these risks and assess, design, implement and maintain security and controls that are optimal for your business.

We offer services in the following domains:

  • Information Security Services
  • Business Systems Controls
  • Business Continuity Management
  • IT Internal Audit
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